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  • Bachelor of Music, Cornish College of the Arts.

Charlie Smith

General Piano Studies  |  Jazz and Rock  |  Composition

As a professional musician Charlie Smith has worked in a wide variety of settings. As a composer/arranger he has written music for jazz big band, indie-rock records, contemporary dance companies, film scores and television commercials. Charlie is also a multi-instrumentalist, with  a strong foundation in piano, saxophone and woodwinds.  

Charlie earned his Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Piano Performance in 2002 from Cornish College of the Arts, and continually performs and records with many different groups playing keyboards, bass, guitar and woodwinds. He has had the opportunity to play music in half of the 50 United States and 9 countries around the world.

Charlie has been teaching private lessons in both piano and saxophone for almost ten years in Seattle area music schools.

He tries to instill a love of music in all of his students by making lessons fun and easygoing while covering all the fundamentals.

When Charlie isn’t teaching or writing music he likes to hang with his super-cool wife, go see rock shows, search for great vinyl records and watch movies with his niece and nephew. And then maybe write some music anyway.

"Because every student has different goals and a different way of taking in information, I very much believe in tailoring music lessons to fit each individual. This kind of personalized approach makes my students more successful more often and creates a fun, interactive learning environment."

"I firmly believe in the importance of musical literacy and focus on a core list of fundamentals in order to achieve this with every student, regardless of level or age. This includes music reading, rhythm, dynamics and articulation, technique, feel, ear-training, and music theory. Knowledge in each of these areas is an integral part of any well-rounded and well-educated musician, and I work hard to insure that my students have the most solid foundation possible. This not only helps them to make better music, but also to make music with more ease, enjoyment, and understanding, which gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment."